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Who we are

In the late 1990’s leading car manufacturers introduced the “transponder key system” which is also commonly known as the “chip keys”.
This very effective system was introduced to arrest the increasing incidence of car thefts around the world, which would immobilize a car when it is tampered with or the wrong key is inserted into the ignition.
Car Locksmith El Segundo has acquired the technical expertise to recode the ignition switch and get the car re-started once again without recourse to the complete replacement of the ignition or resorting to other expensive methods, which could be heavy on your wallet.
With years of experience behind us, Car Locksmith El Segundo has the necessary legal and statutory certification to reprogram car entry systems, which is a security related issue.

Automotive Service

Car Locksmith El Segundo can provide you a spare key for any brand or model of car and with a very diverse portfolio in car entry systems, reprogramming keys and ignition recoding facilities Locksmith El Segundo can solve any key or entry issue you have with your car.
El Segundo Locksmiths have been supplying very sophisticated security systems to our customers for many years and with our 24 Hour Locksmith services we are your reliable and closest locksmith in an emergency.
You could be taking all the locks that you open and close on an average day for granted and would not take much issue about it till you have a lock jamming on you, and you.
It is then that you would look around for locksmith services who could extricate you out of your predicament, now you need not wait cooling your heels anymore emergency 24 Hour service is available to you from El Segundo Locksmith at the end of your telephone line, the real professionals whom you could call.

Emergency Situations

Having served our discerning customers with dedication emergency Locksmith El Segundo would respond fast and efficiently to help you.
Emergency Locksmith El Segundo is just a phone call away, and with service points of locksmith services spread strategically in and around El Segundo we are the answer to your prayer.
We ensure that our locksmith technicians are regularly trained on the job and we apprise them on all new techniques that are being introduced in the locking industry.
Their product knowledge is tested and when sophisticated new security systems are introduced by our principals they are trained in installations as well as in maintenance.

All locksmith technicians are security screened regularly as El Segundo Locksmith are in a very sensitive business and we are aware that compromising the security of our valuable customers would not be in our best interests.
Locksmith El Segundo has built an enviable position in the security industry and under no circumstances are we prepared to compromise that. The next time you need a professional locksmith to get you out of a “Locking mess”, call emergency locksmith El Segundo and we would ensure that we will get you out faster than you got in.


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