Key Duplication

Key Duplication El Segundo

Having a set of duplicate keys is a great preemptive measure to prevent a frustrating lockout situation if your only key goes missing or breaks. Creating a precise key copy requires a great deal of expertise and care. An improperly-cut key can make it difficult to operate the lock and damage its mechanics. At Richard Locksmith, we have years of experience making OEM-quality copies of all types of keys. Whether you need a spare set of your residential or commercial keys, or you want a duplicate key of your car, you can count on us to get the job done right, even when the original key is not available onsite.

Types of Keys We Copy

We specialize in copying virtually any type of key, including but not limited to:

  • Single-sided keys
  • Double-sided keys
  • Skeleton keys
  • Chubb Keys
  • Standard metal keys
  • Bit and barrel keys
  • Sidewinder keys
  • Dimple keys
  • Antique keys
  • High-security keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Tubular keys.
Double Sided Keys

Why Having a Spare Key is Important?

Having a spare key can be beneficial for you in several ways including:

  • It saves your time and money if you get your original key lost or broken.
  • It gives access to other family members or friends
  • It helps you avoid any frustrating lockout situation
  • It gives you peace of mind.

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The Cost of a Key Copy

The cost of key duplication is not set in stone. There are a multitude of factors that combine to determine the exact price of the service

  • The type of the key
  • Required machines

We will consider your unique situation and provide you with an accurate estimate for copying your key before getting started.

How Long Does Copying a Key Take?

They were creating a copy of the most type of keys usually does not take more than 10 to 15 minutes. However, specific keys like the transponder or chubb can take more time.

El Segundo Key Duplication Experts You Can Rely On

No matter what type of key you want to be duplicated, turn to Richard Locksmith for fast and reliable service. When you trust us, you can breathe easy knowing that your duplicate key will be created with the ultimate precision and function flawlessly for a long time. Call us at (424) 672-1016 to schedule a service today.

Key Duplication Experts

Key Duplication Services El Segundo

El Segundo locals rely on us for;

  • House Key Duplication
  • Office key Duplication
  • Car Key Duplication¬†
  • Safe Key Duplication
  • Givi Box Key Duplication
  • Vault Key Duplication
  • Drawer Key Duplication
  • Toolbox Key Duplication
  • Mailbox Key Duplication
  • Cabin Key Duplication
  • Caravan Key Duplication
  • File Cabinet Key Duplication